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About the grant

As the leading advice website in the small business space, SmallBusiness.co.uk receives many requests every month from would-be entrepreneurs and existing company owners asking what financial assistance is available to help them, start, run, grow and succeed.

Whether you are running a cafe, operating a business from home, or perhaps managing a franchise, you will need funds to establish and grow your company. Depending on the type of business, this requirement may vary from a few hundred pounds to multiple thousands.

While some companies may be able to get away with minimal investment in equipment, staff and marketing, others will be faced with significant expenditures that are key to establishing their company.

The Small Business Grants initiative will help small businesses in this area, offering monthly financial assistance to maximise their chance of success.

Every month, one business deemed by our panel of judges to be the most deserving will benefit from a £5,000 financial grant, as well as being featured on SmallBusiness.co.uk as a monthly winner.

We look forward to receiving your applications for this exciting initiative. Good luck!


Private sector businesses at the start of 2016


Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016


The combined annual turnover of SMEs

The Judges

Rupert Lee-Browne

Rupert Lee-Browne

Founder, Caxton FX

Rupert founded Caxton FX in 2002 following a successful career in the finance and media sectors. What started as a one-man initiative has gone on to become a leading company in currency travel cards and international payments with an annual turnover of over £760 million.

Rob Moore

Rob Moore

Founder, Progressive Property

Rob Moore is a best-selling property author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and multi-million-pound property investor. In 2006 he co-founded the UK’s biggest property education company Progressive Property with Mark Homer and has since helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs towards achieving the same.

Patrick Margetson-Rushmore

Patrick Margetson-Rushmore

CEO, Luxaviation UK

Patrick is CEO and a founding principal of Luxaviation UK, formerly London Executive Aviation. The company is one of the largest business jet operators in Europe with a wide-ranging offering of fleets from transatlantic capability to small, executive four-passenger light jets.

Alex Schlagman

Alex Schlagman

CEO, SaveTheHighStreet.org

Alex Schlagman is CEO of PocketHighStreet and founding partner of SaveTheHighStreet.org, a coordinated industry-wide initiative supporting and empowering local businesses nationwide. The movement is powered by thousands of shopkeepers, industry leaders and high street supporters.

karen holden

karen holden

Founder, A City Law Firm

Karen Holden is the founder of A City Law Firm – an award-winning legal firm for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporates. Named as London’s Most Innovative Law Firm, the company has vast experience working with start-ups keen to scale up, as well as more established businesses.

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner

Founder, Angel Academe

Sarah is founder of award-winning angel network Angel Academe, whose mission is to inspire and help more smart women to become angel investors in early-stage tech companies. Most of Angel Academe’s investors are women and the organisation backs tech start-ups with at least one woman on the founding team.

Ian Cass

Ian Cass

Managing Director, FPB

Since joining the Forum of Private Business in 2008 Ian has enhanced the organisation’s position as one of the UK’s foremost small business lobbyists, enabling it to continue providing business owners with the support, protection and reassurance they needed during the difficult times of the past years.

Andrew Clough

Andrew Clough

Founder, The Brew

Andrew Clough founded The Brew, a provider of co-working spaces in London, in 2011. Now with 500 resident members, 1,700 nomad members and a virtual community of almost 15,000 people, the organisation offers all-inclusive, flexible memberships to suit any stage of business growth.

Rennie Schafer

Rennie Schafer

Chief Executive, SSA UK

Rennie Schafer is chief executive of the Self Storage Association (UK). He has worked for the past 20 years in association management across Europe and Australia. Rennie has an MBA and recently completed the Oxford University High Performance Leadership programme.

How the grant process works

Small Business Grants is a new monthly competition from SmallBusiness.co.uk, offering a monthly £5,000 grant to small businesses at least one year old with a turnover between £50,000 and £500,000. The winners will be those companies deemed by our panel of judges to have the most potential in their sector, based on factors such as turnover growth, innovation, aspiration, key projects completed, contracts won and partnerships forged.

All you need to do to apply for our monthly competition is complete our form for FREE, telling us a little about your business and why you deserve to win. Your application will be considered for our monthly shortlist, which will be sent to our panel of judges to decide on the winner. The monthly winner will be revealed in the middle of the following month, with the prize distributed soon after.

Please refer to our FAQs page for more information.

Before applying please read our Terms & Conditions.


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