Your business could be 90 seconds away from a £5,000 grant

How could this money help to grow your small business into a not so small business?

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What is the Small Business Grants initiative?

The Small Business Grants initiative from is a free-to-enter monthly competition that gives small businesses a chance  to win a £5,000 grant to invest in their company’s  growth. This is a private business grant and does  not have to be paid back.

How do I enter to win the grant?

Eligible businesses can apply via our form. Your contact details and company information will be required, as well as a passage detailing your company’s turnover growth, innovation, aspiration, key projects completed, contracts won and partnerships forged.

What businesses are eligible?

If you run a UK small business that has been set up and is actively trading, you are eligible to enter. Your business may be a sole trader or limited company. We also consider not-for-profit organisations. As long as you have set up and are actively trading, your application will be considered.


Founder Dov Tate identified a gap in the market between high-end, high-priced wheels, and lower-priced wheels. ‘Our entire product range has been wind-tunnel tested and shown to deliver equal performance benefits to competitors at 2-3x the price,’ he adds. Since launch, the company has had a number of positive reviews from the cycling and triathlon media, including a prestigious ‘Best Buy’ award from 220 Triathlon magazine.

The company produces a product that rivals its competitors for quality, but charges a significantly lower price, making it a far more attractive option for consumers. With increased exposure, this will lead to even more impressive turnover growth.

More Success Stories

“These laptops will not only help to assist with running workshops and teaching students in house, but it will also provide jobs for QA testing when it comes to testing our own titles”

CEO, Ocean Spark Studios

“We see the new products that we have planned for launch as game changers for us as a company and of real benefit to wildlife species in the UK, and beyond”

Founders, Green&Blue