Small Business Grants is now open to businesses that have been set up, but with no minimum revenue requirement.

Prior to this development, the competition was only open to businesses at least one year old with a turnover between £50,000 and £500,000.

However, we’ve listened to feedback and are now welcoming businesses that have been established and are in the process of building revenues.

Our criteria will remain the same. Every month, a shortlist of leading entries will be sent to our panel of independent judges who will decide on the winner, considering factors such as turnover growth, innovation, aspiration, key projects completed, contracts won and partnerships forged.

This means that if the company is still at an early stage, while it may not be considered for significant revenue growth, it may still be a candidate based on the other criteria.

As ever, applying for Small Business Grants is free and easy. All we ask is for you to fill in a simple form talking about what you have achieved so far in business. This can be done on the ‘Apply’ page.

Good luck!