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Studio Flox is the first winner of the Small Business Membership grant, having signed up for a Business Essentials membership.

Kal Watrobski’s furniture repair, upcycling and upholstery business counts designers and hotels among its clientele and on Wednesday evenings hosts classes for people who want to revamp some of their own furniture. Watrobski initially established Studio Flox in 2020 in Dalston, north London, before moving to her current Brentford studio on an ait (a small island on a river) on the Thames in October 2023.

Spending the grant

Working long hours on a regular basis, Kal is looking to relieve herself of some business admin tasks such as accounting and social media management and plans on using the grant to help her achieve it.

“I was really excited when I got the email and I thought it was a hoax,” she says. “I’m getting emotional because it was amazing.

“When I’ve spent a 12-hour day making something things, it’s difficult to face three hours after on business admin. So I’ve hired an accountancy contact will help with that and some of the money will go towards her to double check everything and make sure I’m doing the right thing. That’s a number one major thing.

Kal’s studio

“And then my Instagram – I just don’t have the time to keep it up so I’ll pay someone for that. I’ve collated thousands of photographs that I have taken but I don’t have time to use. Because I’m always busy – that’s not the problem – but I’d much rather be spending time on a sofa. I get home late at night and I know I should do it [the admin] but this just gives a little bit of respite.”

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For your chance to win a £2,500 business grant, sign up to Small Business Essentials or Small Business Pro. Find out more here: