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Notice – This funding award was made during the previous iteration of the Small Business Grants Competition which ran from 2016 to 2019. The format has since changed and monthly grant winners are now selected from members of the Small Business Pro community. See here for more details: The Small Business Grants initiative

The winner of the Small Business Grants competition for July 2018 is revealed as Ocean Spark Studios, a Yorkshire-based video game development studio creating its own inhouse titles.

Starting out in December 2016, the company began its journey working on its biggest title, Tetra – Elemental Awakening, a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) based on the periodic table.

The business also pushes to inspire the younger generation to be involved in a STEM subject and teaches game development through an academy.

Spending the £5,000 cash prize

Company founder Zachray Cundall says the £5,000 will be spent on equipment to run its 3D software. ‘These laptops will not only help to assist with running workshops and teaching students in-house, but it will also provide jobs for QA testing when it comes to testing our own titles,’ he says.

Until now, the company has only been able to get one student at a time, but it has had requests for groups of five to attend together to build a game. With the necessary equipment in place, this would be able to be fulfilled.

‘This money will also cover small costs such as mice, keyboards, headphones and drawing tablets which will all be relevant to the lessons we teach,’ Cundall adds.

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